World Client of the Year 2015

Pinnacle Marketing

The SMI® World Client of the Year – Pinnacle Marketing (PYT) Ltd. – couldn’t have a more appropriate name, as it continues to reach new heights and new successes through the consistent, committed use of LMI®/SMI® programmes.


Carl Smyth, founder of Pinnacle Marketing, credits his and his staff’s participation in the programmes, as well, as the consistent application of the programmes’ principles with the company’s success. With Carl’s immersion into the tried and true personal and professional development concepts and processes advanced by Paul J. Meyer and Randy Slechta, he can truly be called a “product of the product”. In fact, since 2005, Carl has completed:

  • The Dynamics of Personal Goal Setting® programme – twice
  • The Making if a Champion®

  • The Art of Empowering People® 

  • The Art of Creative Selling®

  • Effective Strategic Leadership®

  • Effective Selling Strategies®

  • Attitude Is Everything!® - twice

  • And has received Facilitation Certification


Yet, despite a series of setbacks and challenges over the years, Carl and the Pinnacle Marketing team have risen above it all. “People often ask me what the secret of my success is. I define it as the progressive realization of predetermined, worthwhile personal goals, and I believe also that there are many factors which have to led this point”, Carl says, “It has been about “never giving up”, which is enshrined in  my Attitude Is Everything!® programme, to always see a silver lining where others see only a thunderstorm, embracing “Positive Expectancy”.


As important as is his own immersion in the programmes, so too is

that of the Pinnacle staff. “As each of our brands is based on delivering

a service, our success business is based on the service our product

deliver; it has been about unwavering focus on exceptional service

and caring immensely about our customers and their experience”,

Carl says. “This can only be achieved through our team, which is why

we have always placed such a high value on our culture and our team

members. I live and breathe the success of these programmes, it is

now my commitment to ensure that each of our team members is

given the opportunity to reap the rewards of a programme”.


For 2016, Carl says their ongoing commitment to LMI®/SMI® programmes means that 23 people will be participating in programmes, including five line managers who will be completing the Effective Personal Leadership® programme, as well as 17 staff members who will be completing the Effective Team Development® programme, and the operation director will attend an Attitude Is Everything!® open programme.


Our aim is to ensure that each and every one of our team members engages in an LMI/SMI® programme during their employment with us and we are fast creating this reality”, Carl says. “Through these courses our team has grown in leaps and bounds and new leaders are developing within our business – leaders who are driven with the same passion as we possess who are the future of our business”.