World Client of the Year 2014


Weco (Pty.) Ltd. is the leading African brand supplying quality engineered products in their industry. They have 56 dedicated team members, an in-house apprentice training program, a solid vision and mission, and a profitable bottom line. But this is not where Weco stood five years ago.


It was 2009 when Beverly and Henry Gomes were stuck in negotiations to buy Weco, an aging engineering business located near Johannesburg. They had exhausted their life savings, had no income for the past six months and their situation was beginning to look quite dire. A friend suggested to Beverly that they schedule a meeting with SMI General Director, Greg Walpole. Beverly thought, best case scenario, it would be an uplifting, motivational meeting; perhaps improve their self-esteem and attitude while completing the takeover of the company. However, it would be a defining moment in the Gomes’ life and career. 


Greg introduced Beverly, Henry, and their friend and business partner, Hyla, to the Dynamics of Personal Goal Setting® programme. In August 2010 they began the process of goal setting, time management, and personal productivity – all necessary tools for starting their new business at Weco.


Beverly felt so empowered by the SMI Process that she wanted to

share it with her employees. However, the majority of the staff was

underskilled and uneducated.

The solution came in the form of a man from Zimbabwe named

Busani Moyo. Busani had earned a teaching degree and visited Weco

one hour a day to teach basic skills and prepare the young men for

technical college in the future. Within two months the daily onehour

teaching session elevated into a full-time position for Busani. Beverly

and Henry invested in an on-site training center, stocked with donated

books, and promoted Busani to HR Director.


Busani soon met with Greg Walpole, who he refers to as “one of the greatest teachers he has ever known” and participated in the Grandmaster of Success, the My-Tyme Success Planner, and the Effective Personal Productivity programmes. Busani believed he had discovered his life’s purpose and was now certified as a facilitator to teach the concepts of the programs to other Weco employees. In 2011 Busani facilitated his first in-house training class. Seven employees participated in the Effective Team Dynamics program.


Since January 2015 all new employees are enrolled in an SMI or LMI program at induction. Over 50 employees now have experienced the process through numerous programs. With the guidance of Greg Walpole, the determination of Beverly and Henry Gomes, and the concepts of SMI and LMI programmes, Weco is now a company with a clear vision and a daily mission to grow, expand, and offer their unique value to their industry. The vision and mission of the company is seen in the daily action of the employees. Since the Gomes’ took the helm at Weco they have had a 333% increase in output of quality engineering products, 40% savings on aftermarket repair costs, and a 416% growth in production turnover.


The employees are fully trained, working with quality machinery, and are dedicated to their organization. It was not so long ago that Beverly wondered if she and Henry had made a terrible mistake in the endeavor to buy Weco. She felt they had hit rock bottom and could not see how their situation would improve. Then she met Greg Walpole and discovered the life-changing benefits of the SMI and LMI Process. And the rest is history...