The Difference is Application


Often LMI is asked, “What is the difference between our training and that of competitors?”  


First of all, let me state that we do not take into consideration competitors and, thus, do not dwell on that aspect.  Yes, there are other training and development companies throughout the world. Literally thousands of them! It is our belief that we only compete for the training budget of the companies with which we work and that there is room for all that will work to help every client achieve measurable results toward their goals.  


To be more precise, the focus of LMI is on the application side and not the educational side. The major part of training today is focused on the learning/educational aspect.  Of course, that is important; however, training and development without application is merely entertainment.


For that reason the LMI process is not done in a few hours or a few days but over a period of a few weeks.  During this time there is learning and then application of that learning. The focus is on application of an idea that will move one closer to the accomplishment of pre-determined and worthwhile professional and personal goals.  


Our facilitation process focuses on how the lesson material can apply to the goals of the participant.  That is one of the principal questions each week, “What was the best idea from the lesson and how does it apply to your goal?”  


It has been said there are those that are a “sage on the stage” and those that are a “guide at your side.”  We are the guide that facilitates each of our clients through a process that brings about measureable improvement in their performance and a return on their investment.