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Rakesh Boodhoo Shares His Story

My name is Rakesh Boodhoo and I am an IT & Security Manager in a Management Company.

First of all, it is an honor for me to share my experience after following the LMI course. At the beginning I didn’t know what it was about, I was just told that it will be on how to be a better manager and learning about leadership. Little did I know that it was going to be far more than the usual theory routine. It dealt with the vision you have as a human being.


As a person I thought that I had sufficient principles and ethics in life. But after going through this course, I came to know how much I was not reaching my real potential. It touched important aspects as well as mundane things of my day-to-day way of living - which implies EVERYTHING. 


I was successful to an extent but it was in a very inconsistent manner until I came to know about not only HOW but WHAT is time management, about setting goals, organising your tasks. Once I started applying these rules, I began to see how I needed to set new goals because I was achieving them more consistently. I was more focused, more goal-driven. The key to it all is TIME MANAGEMENT.

These tools helped me in all the areas of my life: professional, personal and spiritual. The equation of balance became clearer. I saw myself grow spiritually because I decided to allocate more time to God. Everything from there became so fluid in the other fields. I would like to seize this opportunity to thank my Directors, my colleagues, the facilitator (Misrak Menouta) and Greg Walpole. I would strongly recommend this course to others.