Madelein Bunton

Madelein believes in unleashing the untapped potential of people.  Her career of almost two decades in the training environment makes her dream of “changing the world for the better, one person at a time”, a reality. Madelein holds a Bachelor of Music degree as well as a Bachelor of Commerce in Industrial and Organisational Psychology degree.  She is also a constituent assessor and moderator with the Services Seta. 

Madelein has extensive experience in multi-national corporate environments and through the LMI products ensure that these organisations and their people achieve optimal growth.

Special Associate ( PRETORIA

Julie Grimshaw

I have been working for myself for over 11 years, as an outsourced talent provider of specialized skills for bespoke projects, to meet strategic business requirements of top companies. I discovered my passion and purpose, through LMI, in helping others unlock and develop their full potential, to develop the leaders of the future and help them achieve a fulfilled and balanced life both personally and professionally. I’m currently working on becoming a qualified Life Coach, achieving my own personal goals and waiting for more Grandchildren.

Special Associate ( GAUTENG

Malcolm Fiellies

My Personal Mission is to be of service to individuals and teams to grow and develop into the life they desire to have.

Special Associate ( WESTERN CAPE

Henk Koekemoer

Henk Koekemoer is a chalk & talk educator now turned management consultant and facilitator with global clients in the Leadership and Personal Development industry. He has been working in human capital development since 2000 and has helped transform and bring leadership culture to a range of blue chip companies operating within South Africa.

Special Associate ( GAUTENG

Monique Diez

Monique Diez is the owner of MD Dynamics, established in 2011. She addresses the forces which stimulate growth, progress, development and change within an organisation. Monique has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA, Wits) and is a qualified coach (CPLC, Wits). She is driven to help organisations adapt to the pace of change, close development gaps and align personal and business goals through LMI. The benefits of continued employee development and strategic alignment are enhanced by interactive processes, which include performance evaluation, developing a plan of action, changing behaviour and measuring results, all supported by multi-sensory learning with a clear coaching and mentoring support plan.

Special Associate ( JOHANNESBURG

Handri Stadler

Special Associate ( WESTERN CAPE

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