Move Forward With Expectancy

Positive expectancy begins with a sense of self-awareness that banishes confusion by defining the goals you want to achieve. Self-awareness gives you a track to run on. It makes you predictable and reliable. It allows you to use your talents and energies in the full expression of your potential. 

Positive expectancy requires a no-limitations belief in yourself that comes from clear, calm and honest self-confidence. Belief in yourself rests on supreme confidence in both your present and future abilities. It demands that you be goal- directed and progressively growing. 


Positive expectancy is also developed through self-acceptance. Choosing to accept yourself as you really are — your strengths and your weaknesses, your assets and liabilities — is the most vital and important decision you will ever make. Self-acceptance frees you from guilt and discouragement and gives you the energy to grow and use more of your potential.