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Misrak Menouta


My name is Misrak Menouta and my passion is supporting individuals, helping them to grasp their hidden potential, actualise their desires of becoming better leaders, better people and their best selves. Empowering individuals to find their hidden potential, and watching them grow!


I joined LMI Mauritius two years ago.  As a certified facilitator, I have been facilitating leadership and productivity courses for leaders and their teams. 


My approach is individual-based, where I come to understand the needs and goals of the client to enable success in the different areas of their lives.


Overall, the LMI journey has been filled with enriching moments. I love being part of the jigsaw puzzle that fits together to make the total person. Investing in people is what LMI does differently to other programs and that’s what first attracted me to them. It has been a privilege to walk alongside the process of change, and be alongside each participant as they experience that "AHA" moment; where progressive goals have led to internal and external changes, through personal and professional goals.


The shift that took place after the completion of the program was more than I expected.  Personal investment is the shift that allows each participant to be successful.  Paul Meyer says it best: “Success is not a destination, it’s a personal journey!" Self-confidence, motivation and a positive attitude are some of the many changes I have observed after the completion of the program. 


The balance of work and life came through planning and setting goals consistently for the participants, bringing about a sense of accomplishment, which was the driving force in turning their wheels of life.  The shift comes for everyone at a different time, but what is exciting is watching that light come on! I appreciated being a part of their journey, and considered myself privileged to have been a part of their LMI team.