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From The Leaders:

Nano Fibre Western Cape was founded in July 2016 and started with one vehicle and a total staff compliment of 10 people. At this stage, our office consisted of desk space at our client's premises to render last-mile optical fibre installation services to residential and commercial markets. In 2017, we experienced steady growth with many challenges. For example, our directors did everything from invoicing to handling user complaints! We were first introduced to LMI in 2018, when the two founders participated in the Effective Leadership Development (ELD) Showcase. Immediately, the growth rate accelerated as they learned the importance and effectiveness of delegation. Learning from the ELD and with the size of their goals, they employed people in key roles to take on and manage specialist functions such as Human Resources, Finance, and Operations. At this stage, there were 35 vehicles and 60 employees which allowed us to further increase our presence in the optical fibre industry by offering maintenance of the fibre network as an added service.

Once we experienced the impact of the ELD Showcase at executive level, we were convinced of its effectiveness and rolled out LMI programs across the business. Firstly, this empowered us to promote those individuals who applied what they had learned to the business and their personal lives. Secondly, individual and team performance could be appraised, rewarded, and better managed. Finally, it equipped us to provide a clear understanding of expectations and the associated metrics to measure progress and performance for every role in the company.

Early in 2019 with our new found confidence and ability to plan and be proactive, we were ready to broaden our scope of work and expertise to offer our clients integrated solutions, security system installations and frameless glass. By mid 2019 we had decided to buy out the shareholders who did not share the same value system. Ultimately we celebrated a 93% increase in average monthly turnover by the end of December 2019.


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From Lana Potgieter, LMI/SMI South Africa: When we started working with Nano Fibre in 2018 the company had four founders and an investor. The Cape Town business was outperforming the other regions. Behind this lay significant differences in the values that drove the different regions. Mid 2019 after they had done the ELD and taken action on their goals, the Directors in the Western Cape were confident enough to buy out their investors and shareholders and make the changes they had discovered were needed. This allowed them the freedom for further cultural and behavioural shift to greater business operational success and employee engagement. I have seldom before seen, at individual as well as collective level, such decisive action taken by participants to apply what they are learning. Dirk and Wilhelm's passion to grow themselves, their business and their staff is clearly evident. They take action and their team follow suit! Overall it has been a remarkable journey to see people change, grow and do more for themselves and the business.


Gillian Turner, HR Manager:

My key successes from the LMI programs has been prioritising my work and working from a set schedule that leaves room for delegation of tasks, and training assistants to assist with induction training. The impact is that I have had more time to teach people in my team finer details pertaining to HR functions. The work environment has become more collaborative. There is more and more trust that employees are able to make decisions, allowing them to take on projects with less hovering and we value feedback to stay in the loop. We are in a position to proactively identify training needs. Critically, we are able to cross-train employees to accommodate increased workload. This, in turn, has led to employees understanding the bigger picture and how their roles are actually intertwined.


Zanre Swanepoel, Operations Manager:

The positive impact of the LMI courses is very impressive and is clearly visible throughout the office. It was a pleasant experience and great privilege to be part of these courses, especially at my age. The course allowed me to build the intellectual foundation for my future. Lana is an inspiration to others, and she motivates others to reach their full potential. LMI provides us with the necessary tools to create a successful career and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The courses give you the ability to reprogram your brain which ensures that you apply a productive way of thinking in the work environment as well as in your personal life. The growth and improvement in each person participating is clearly visible. I can say without a doubt that Lana & the courses have positively influenced everyone in our office. As I grow and level-up, my team is given the opportunity to do the same. They are given the opportunity to learn and grow within the workplace. I am given the opportunity to pass on what I have learned as well. As a team, we function more efficiently and productively. We communicate, plan, prioritise and overall work more effectively. Our overall teamwork has improved significantly.


Dirk Mostert, Founder:

Before I started with the LMI course, I had very little knowledge regarding how to properly 'manage' a sizable team or be an empowering leader. My communication was reactive and abrasive. The ELD course enabled me to acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills required to successfully lead a team and has enabled me to grow the team members and exceed my own highest expectations. I am grateful for what I have learned thus far and excited for all the knowledge, opportunities and successes waiting in my future. It has been a great privilege to see how the Nano family and our company has grown as a result of these courses and we are looking forward to the growth that will follow in the next 5 years.