Bobby Failand


At Productivity SA's recent Regional Awards in Cape Town, K-Way won the Corporate Sector category for the Western Cape. They went onto the National Awards, where they also won.
Bobby Fairland completed his course with us in 2014. Subsequently, all ten of his managers also concluded their ELD and graduated in November.

This is what he felt about the course:

What course did you do? Effective Personal Productivity

Who was your facilitator/mentor/coach? Naomi Basson

What is the most significant change in your business life due to the lessons from the course material, our sessions and your internal believe systems being "challenged" by some of the info? I have changed my daily work routine in that I schedule time to plan and think which I was not doing well previously. I am also practicing listening to the whole message before jumping to conclusions and judging or instructing subordinates before getting the whole picture and making informed decisions. I am also trying to get into the habit of planning and scheduling high value activities and determining between Imperative and important activities and tasks.

Are you using what you've learned through the LMI programme at work? Yes I am using what I learned, practice makes perfect

Would you want to continue your development with LMI by doing more
programmes? Yes, perhaps at a later stage

Would you recommend these programmes to others and why? Yes because
I think this course definitely helps one to break specific categories of ones
working responsibilities and functions into parts that can be properly focused
on and put into perspective. This then makes it possible to organise ones
schedule and to prioritise where time is spent according to high and low value
activities and essential and important activities or tasks.

General feedback from the heart ............... anything you'd like to share?
Really enjoyed the course and found Naomi to be extremely insightful and
supportive, each time I see her I feel motivated to tackle issues which I have been putting off or have felt were too difficult.