I will be 80 on 9 September next month 2019.

I thought to let you know that I have done an SMI course in Auckland New Zealand and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I has helped me focus on what was and still is important to me.

Especially since I am a survivor from the Japanese war in the formerly Dutch East Indies and the consequent bloody Revolution soon after.

We had to leave Indonesia after the independence, the country where my family has been since the early 1800’s and moved to Holland, from where we moved to the then Dutch New Guinea, which we also had to leave when it became part of the Republic of Indonesia. My parents returned to Holland but I got married and followed my engineer husband to Bermuda in 1960, where our 3 children were born. From there we moved to Australia and then to New Zealand when my husband was transferred.

My husband had a stroke, which left him paralyzed on the left hand side of his body. I have been looking after him at home as long as I could because I did not want my husband to go into a care facility on his own.

We moved to Singapore in 2011 when it became to difficult for me and stayed with our son, who was working there for an American firm. The reason for our move was because we could have a live-in full time helper in Singapore, who not only kept the house clean, cooked but most importantly she was able to help me care for my husband.

My husband died 3 years ago and I am living in Singapore.

The things I have kept and treasured from that course are the following by Paul J. Meyer:

  •       I Believe

  •       The kind of freedom I like

  •       “Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon … must inevitably come to Pass!”

  •       Until one is committed

  •       The Million Dollar Success Plan

  •       I am a Millionaire

 I have also kept most of the Motivation Cards, which I love reading over and over again. 

I have done well, became a successful commercial property owner in New Zealand, which are now managed by my youngest daughter while I can retire very comfortably in Singapore.

I have travelled to America and Canada and to South America and have seen Machu Picchu, have been to see the northern Lights in Norway and Iceland, plan to go to China and do a Safari in Africa. 

I thought to let you know how happy I am that I came across your programme. It has helped me so much in life not only to become financially independent but most importantly it has helped me overcome the severe Post Traumatic Stress Condition from the war. It is now also helping me to cope with the loss of my beloved husband.

 Kind regards,

Irene van Kuyk