Heidi-Mari Kennedy Palin - Chief Executive, Bacher and co. Fragrance division


I am a CEO in my company that does different product distributions in South Africa. I met Lana last year when our company was in a transition period. We had to redo our structure, mission statement and values and literally change the way we have been doing business for decades – basically, revamp our thinking and business acumen. This was imperative due to trading difficulties we as companies are facing in South Africa. We had to focus on not being complacent, but on challenging ourselves on every level.


In this time, I started with a course of Effective Leadership with Lana and, oh my hat, did it change the way I think and do things; goal setting, following up on those goals, going above and beyond the “call of duty,” being the best you can be - not only today, but always! I was SO fired up and still am now, almost a year later - the embedded, rewired thinking I received from the interaction with Lana and the course has changed my life!


I have now introduced my Management team to Effective Leadership Development (ELD) and my Support office team to Customized Self Mastery and Personal Development. I am super excited about what it is doing for my team – evident even in the first few weeks! As you know, times are tough and in order to make people see the upside and not the downside, you have to channel your thoughts and master your day by proper planning and goal setting. Unbelievable changes for each person have already transpired in a short time.


I have changed my management structure and, overall, I cannot be more pleased about the timing and transition that my division is experiencing. Now of all times, the second half of our financial year, is crucial to ensuring that we make our projected promise - and we will, as we are empowered individuals for sure.


Lana, your insight and guidance are out of this world, your knowledge and know-how of working with people and the different challenges they bring to the table is awe-inspiring. You are excellent at what you do; super-wise and amazingly sensitive in managing every person individually as the course progresses, but also in getting the best out of the team in our sessions together. Thank you for being instrumental in being so inspirational to my team and me. You bring about huge change and success. Our numbers will be the result we will celebrate at the end of the year - I know it!


Thank you.