Gerrit Oosthuizen

The Ongoing Journey

"Some time has passed since I have completed the LMI program and now is the time to reflect back on the achievements and challenges I have encountered since completing the program.

This is one of those programs that you never can stop doing. Definitely not one of those courses that you do and file in your drawer. It could be easy to just say "done that" and move on. Over the past few months I have been challenged in many ways. The LMI program has not only assisted me in handling these challenges, but also to build on my achievements. I was challenged to change, not by my peers, but by myself. A journey that started with me and ended with me.

At the start of the program I was under the impression that somewhere someone
wanted to change who I am. This did not encourage me to participate. I openly
showed my resistance and made it clear that I was on the right track.

Then the "Wow" moment. I realised that it all starts with "ME". I had to understand
the process of development and change before I could complete the program.
I had to be honest and direct with myself, understand the process and experience
the successes. As part of my new mission in life, I had to stick to the new rules. This
was no easy task at all. Suddenly I was faced with my "new" goals and "new" mission
statement on a daily basis. In the back of my mind I suddenly was reminded all the
time of what I expect from myself.

In our everyday life, we somehow get caught up in daily routine and tasks, thus making it harder to achieve goals and live up to our mission. To succeed, one needs to stay focused on goals and on their mission.

Being a development process, I have requested that our group has a monthly session under the supervision of Naomi. To date we had two sessions, and although it is not always possible for all to attend, I have experienced that this is of great value.

As part of an ongoing process I keep my mission in mind:

"My mission is to live responsibly and honestly, working hard at both my personal life and nurturing the relationships in my life as well as working hard at my professional life."