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As Told by her Mother, Vivienne:

My daughter Savana has always been a very diligent student in everything she has committed to learn, be it at school, or in general day to day life skills. She did not enjoy her school career and wanted to leave the formal schooling system and home school since the age of about 15, but she was convinced to stay in the system and get through the formal school system.

She did a course with Naomi Basson, Achieving Academic Success, in the beginning of 2017, and the change in her attitude and commitment was astronomical, she went from an average student achieving satisfactory marks to an A grade student by the end of 2018 and again in 2019 for her final year at School. The course helped her plan and focus her studies, she became very self-disciplined and this made her able to focus and channel her efforts to achieve what she set out to do and that was to become an A grade student amongst other goals she had set for herself. Whilst confidently facing and dealing with lifes challenges day in and day out, she has been able to overcome obstacles and achieve her goals by using the skills and techniques that she learned through the Achieving Academic Success program.

Savana is a shy young lady but very determined. I feel that she has learned to stick to her decisions no matter how difficult they could be to uphold and despite all the peer pressure in life today to stay true to who she is and what she wants out of life. The course has given her the light that she needed to shine above and through all else. I can't thank Naomi and FMI enough. 

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As Told by Naomi of LMI/SMI South Africa:

Savana at the end of 2016 was completing Grade 9 at school. She appeared to be a very quiet, introverted young girl, who just got on with life. During a discussion with her parents, it was highlighted to me that Savana did not particularly like school. Her marks varied between 44%  to 79% and her average score was 62%. I was fond of Savana and proposed to her Dad that we introduce Achieving Academic Success to her in trying to assist her. Before we started the program, I had a conversation with Savana trying to understand her position.   


"Why are you doing poorly in some of your subjects?" - her reply came very quickly.

"I don't like school!"

 "Why don't you like school or what about school don't you like?"

"Firstly, I have to get up early to go to school. Secondly, I have to then put on a school uniform that doesn't flatter my body. Thirdly, I then have to spend time at school with individuals that I don't like, and Fourthly, they are trying to teach me stuff I will never use again in my life."


Other influencing factors included losing a friend, moving schools, having no friends at her new school and really feeling totally overwhelmed by all the demands.

I had a good chuckle as I realised I would have my work cut out for me with this one - these were the kind of answers I would have given my Mom when I was Savana's age. Savana started her Achieving Academic Success Programme in January of 2017. By the end of her training, she had a vision board of her goals included was achieving at least one A grade on her school report - which is something she's struggled to achieve in the past. Her school report for 2017 included 13, A grades over the 4 quarters with an average grade score of 76%. She continued her journey with setting herself goals and finished grade 11 with 14 , A grades and an average grade score of 80%. Achieving Academic Colours at her school as a result.

Savana just completed her grade 12 and last year of school in South Africa. I'm very proud of this young lady who completed grade 12 with 2 distinctions (A grades), 5 B grades and an average grade score of 79 ,1%. She has met the requirements for admission to tertiary education. Savana never learned to like school but she learned how to channel energies and attention to what was important to her. She became more confident and outspoken and teachers at school started to take notice of her as an A-Aggregate student and invested much more time and energy into her. 



1. How did you feel when you heard that your application won the FMI Client of the Year - Africa/Australia award?

  • When I received the call from Naomi, I didn’t believe it at first.  I thought “this is not real” – I was shocked and confused and only after a while, the reality kicked in and I couldn’t stop smiling.  Mom and I was jumping up and down in the kitchen, shouting “You are going to Vegas Baby” …… 


2. When you were introduced to the AAS program, what were your thoughts?

  • My initial thought was, ‘Mmmm….. Interesting ….’ Not sure if I wanted to commit to more things to do in my already busy life.  But I was very interested in improving my marks at school (as I was under pressure to do so) but I just didn’t have the motivation to get into it. I wanted to get school out of the way so I could get on with my life – and now I was confronted with a choice to enroll in this program that could help me, not only getting through school but also set me up for “real life”. 


3. What made you “buy-in” to the program and the process?

  • I really wanted to show others what I could achieve. I wanted others to know that I’m not taking things for granted and that I’m NOT an average performer (as introverts are often classified). I wanted to make a difference in my own life – I wanted to become “something different”.


4. What was your biggest challenge before you started the process do you think?

  • I battled to manage my time and all my activities – school, extramural activities, family gatherings, practicing my art etc. etc. School projects took up so much of my time and I believed that going to school is the main reason for me not being able to get through all my things – I spend too much time at school. The constant pressure of deadlines for projects was getting to me and stressed me out.


5. What was your favourite aspect of the process?

  • In the very first lesson, I learned that success is short lived if it is not linked to my own personal goals. Which then linked up with lesson 2 where I realised that motivation comes from within and unless I make a decision to change certain things in my life and act on it, nothing will change. Then I got into the planning and efficient use of my time lessons and the light went on.  The time management exercise proved my suspicion that I spend too much time at school, but the ability to plan all my activities around this unchangeable fact, made sense. I became the “Master Planner” and scheduled school projects into a calendar which allowed me to complete almost all my projects ahead of time, which gave me more time for all the other “fun” things I wanted to focus on.


6. Could you tell us in your own words what you feel you achieved from starting this program?


  • I had to do a vision board at the end of my program and I achieved almost all the goals I set out during this time:

    • Want to travel – would have been in Las Vegas this year, so this goal timeline has moved, but it is still going to happen

    • Wanted to be an A+ student  - achieved

    • Wanted my own car – achieved

    • Wanted to get into business for beauty/fashion/art industry – busy registering now for my degree

    • I am on a healthy eating program, drinking my green tea

    • Most impressive and important fact is that during my sessions, Naomi always had the vision that we would travel to the LMI conference together and that would have happened this year.  Maybe not MY vision, but impressive that Naomi’s visualisation was spot on.   Helps me to believe in the power of Affirmation and Visualisation.


7. What was the turning point for you in your “relationship” with school?

  • I remember sitting in the Afrikaans class (right in the back convinced that I’m invisible).  We wrote a test and the teacher was giving feedback on the results. I scored the highest mark in the class, and at that moment, this teacher connected with me and gave me recognition.  It made me feel really good about myself and my achievement and at that moment I realised that my goals and performance is all about “ME”.


8. What is the next steps for you?

  • This is my gap year and we just converted our existing Wendy House into an Art Studio for me to “play and create”.  Next year I’m going to the Red and Yellow - Creative School of Business to study BA Visual Communication Degree.  Once I’ve got the degree I would like to travel, visit Art Exhibitions and focus on a career in the Arts.  Ultimately hold the position as Art Director and/or Creative Director for a big International Company.


9. Do you have any advice for other young students?

  • I would like to say “Push through”.  It is tough, but focus on yourself – do it for YOU, don’t do anything for the approval of anyone else.


10. Would you recommend the AAS program to struggling scholars/students and why?

  • I will definitely promote the Achieving Academic Success to other students.  Especially the ones who need guidance in planning and time management, setting goals and how to stay motivated.  Schools don’t teach students THAT ………