LMI/SMI Gauteng

Anja van Beek

Anja van Beek was HR Director and part of the Sage global HR leadership team representing the Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia region and has more than 20 years of corporate experience. She has led multi-national teams through transition and change management.
In her career, Anja worked as a payroll and HR consultant, a Consulting Business Manager and managed the Internal Training function. She established the HR department and was the HR director when they won the Deloitte Best Company to Work For, for three consecutive years.
In 2017, she started her own consulting and coaching business. Anja partners with executives and leaders, from small businesses through to large organisations - on all people-related aspects with a specific focus on integrating the talent of the business into the overall strategy. In her coaching practice, she partners with leaders and executives who need an outside-in approach.

Dr. Mavis Mazhura

Dr. Mavis Mazhura is an Official Licensee for LMI South Africa. She is an International Human Behaviour Specialist, Multiple Award winning Global Training and Development Leader, author of several books. She is the co-founder of Training B2B CC, a leading provider of emotional intelligence training. She is a frequent speaker/trainer/facilitator and keynote speaker at public and private engagements. Doctoral Graduate for Psychology Doctorate in Leadership (William James College, US).

Kayleigh John

Kayleigh is passionate about education and self-development, seeing it as an avenue to unlock unlimited potential within individuals. As an experienced business owner, Kayleigh works well with all levels of a team to bring them to new heights. With a particular focus in the manufacturing and engineering industries, Kayleigh's knowledge of 5s and lean principles extends into people development, creating cohesive working units and overall business success.
Change Management Specialist in People & Culture, Training and Leadership | Founder and Co-Host of The Lunchtime Series Podcast | Internationally Accredited Enneagram Coach - I help people in organisations recognize their true potential & reach for it! We all have the capacity of tapping into “being more” at this moment. You CAN do it! You just need to reach for it!

Design your interventions and business in terms of what leadership and transformational change you need.

Jacques Velleman

Jacques is an inspiring action-directed business coach that brings people & profits together. His visionary and practical approach helps CEO’s and leadership teams to execute on strategy.

Kevin Britz

For a number of years now, Kevin has used his expertise in human behavior development in leadership as well as team performance. Customer experience and engagement, sales efficacy, the importance of effective communication and executive presentation skills has also been a significant focus.
Kevin is a Master NLP Practitioner and has attended several facilitation and training courses as part of his ongoing professional development. He has also completed business and team performance coaching recognized by the Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming and International coaching federation. Kevin has vast background in stage performance and voice, presentation skills and keynote speaker.

Sean Madliwa

Sean Madliwa is a Transformational Leader with cross-functional industry experience in Retail,
FMCG, Trade & Shopper Marketing and People Development. He is a certified Change Management
Practitioner and a Professional Public Speaker. He is an LMI Licensee, as well as a certified Coach
and Mentor with COMENSA. Through his passion for High Performance and Leadership Development, Sean has provided Innovative Interventions and Improved Business Solutions that enable People and Organisations to operate to their Full Potential and achieve their Goals.

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