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David Davis - Beyond Possible

David has extensive experience in business throughout Africa and abroad. He believes passionately that any organisation’s only true Strategic Advantage is its People, and through application of LMI/SMI products, processes and programs, he ensures that this resource contributes to the overall long term success of the organisation and individual development

David Lewis

David is an Engineer by profession as well as a recipient of a master’s degree in
Management Coaching. He has acquired more than 30 years of management experience, including
senior management, experiences in many engineering disciplines. As an LMI/SMI Licensee
and Facilitator, he subscribes fully to the LMI/SMI philosophy: as the intervention to
assist companies/individuals in fulfilling their opportunities and overcoming their challenges; by being suitably placed in harnessing the potential and abilities of any company participant/individual to succeed
with their goals.

Falk Winter

Falk enjoys empowering others, to energise, motivate, train and bring out their unique skills to create the life they desire. It’s his mission to develop people by removing their inner, limiting blockages and to apply the results driven LMI / SMI methodology to realise the full potential in any life or business situation. Falk has over 25 years experience in marketing and sales in different industries in Europe and Africa and now provides his energy and enthusiasm to people who want to succeed in South Africa. As VP Sales for Europe he has been working extensively with Fortune 500 companies.

Greg Walpole

With over 30 years of business experience and the unquestionable knowledge that attitude and self image, combined with intelligent planning and focused effort are the ultimate keys to success. Greg has devoted his time, and LMI/SMI business, to unlocking the potential of his Clients, whatever the situation or circumstance.

Jonathan Kafesu

When Jonathan sees people, he sees the untapped potential in them. His role then as a Leader is that art of influencing and helping people to discover themselves. With the LMI and SMI programmes, he is there to develop and “Motivate Leaders and Organizations to their full potential”.

Lana Potgieter

Since 2004 ​Lana has ​been working with executives, business owners and their teams in order to increase both their business success and personal fulfilment. ​Lana ​is a member of the International Coaching Federation​, a trained coach and LMI Facilitator.

Naomi Basson

Naomi is passionate about the wellbeing and development of people. Her knowledge, passion and dedication are reflected in the success stories of everyone who has worked with her.
After being a successful manager for MTN, Naomi decided to focus on her passion and completed her Master NLP studies, becoming coach and member of COMENSA and ICF and becoming a Licensee.

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