Bronwyn O’Donoghue  of Coca-Cola Penninsula Beverages:


The LMI journey is one that I am most proud to have been a part of. It brought about so much change in my life and stirred up many mixed emotions along the way. The program challenged me both mentally and personally, in ways that are hard to explain.


When I began the LMI journey, a goal was more like a “dream” to me; something I would often think about and then settle with “one day I’ll get there.” Never had I thought about putting an action plan in place to actually achieve them. Well, an action plan is exactly what came next!


Through the program, I have achieved so many great things. I bought my first car at the beginning of this year, I have recently joined a boxing fitness club with personal coaching twice a week in an effort to get fit and healthy. I also planned and went on the most incredible overseas trip with my best friend and completed my MBA through PenBev at the end of last year.


None of these accomplishments would have been possible without the LMI course creating a sense of urgency around them. Naomi, thank you for your guidance and support throughout the process. I will forever be grateful for the many one-on-one coffeeshop conversations of encouragement and motivation that steered me in the right direction.


There is not much else left to say now, other than: Here’s to achieving the rest of the goals on my list- I’m coming for you!